Landlords, Tenants and Damp Properties

Damp is always a problem and is basically caused by 3 issues.

  • Circulaction and Ventilation  (Air)
  • Penetrative Damp (Outside)
  • Rising Damp (Ground)

All damp issues will require some form of change or work, but there are some easy and effective things you can do to identify the cause of damp and ultimately reduce or irradiate it.


We regularly receive applications from tenants in Teesside who are moving solely because of damp.

Recently we took an application from a 70 year old lady who’s health had suffered because of damp in Middlesbrough. Not only does a damp property affect health it can also damage property possessions and in the case we recently saw can mean that tenants eventually cannot use rooms.

Simple Solutions

This example appeared to be a circulation matter and could maybe initially have been a simple fix but became a matter which was beyond her control, perhaps installing ventilation , maybe vents on the windows or managing airflow throughout the property and preventing ‘cold spots’ could have resolved this at minimal cost or inconvenience.

Minor Works

If this failed then looking at the chimney, brickwork, roof or guttering could help. A loose ridge tile or bed of mortar, blocked gutter or open chimney pot requiring a chimney Cowel – ruling out basic issues like this may cost only £50.

Rising Damp

There are however a number of properties in Teesside which suffer a more serious form of damp, rising damp requires specialist contractors, like all damp if let untreat can cause health issues, cosmetic and even structural issues.

Rising Damp will generally not go away, and so early inspection is highly recommended.

Property Damp – Who is responsible?

Tenants and Landlords obligations are usually set out a Tenancy Agreement, where it is unclear you should seek advice.

Tenants are obliged to ensure good housekeeping such as opening windows if airing washing inside or showering etc and also to ensure the house is adequately heated during cold periods to prevent condensation.

Landlord obligations are much greater, this is something landlord should consider, damp issues which are beyond the control of a tenant are likely to be the landlords responsibility.

As Letting Agents in Stockton, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Hartlepool and Darlington we are happy to provide guidance to tenants and landlords, including how to prevent damp and to help determine the cause of damp.

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